Keeping up the work

Old building beeing torn down near the center of Yukuhashi.
Old wooden building beeing torn down near the center of Yukuhashi.

While it seems that nothing is happening here on this page, this is only partly true. Behind the scenes I’m busy working on the two projects I undertook in Japan near the end of last year.
One is a documentary on the Japanese tea ceremony. Already the negatives look promising, but it will be some months before I can show them in public, because there is still an enormous amount of editorial work to be done and since the photos were taken in a private setting, I will need the ok of all the people involved.
The other one are shots taken on the streets of Yukuhashi, like the one on top of this post. Even these shots will need some rudimentary attention before they are ready to be presented, but I guess showing a random snap here from time to time will do no harm.

Question of language…

… is decided. Apparently setting up a multilingual homepage with WordPress is not as straightforward as I would have liked it to be (i.e. it would be a pain in the butt).

Since for now I still want to continue using WordPress to run the site, writing in English is the only way to keep the site accessible for my international friends (as well as the German ones).

Billboard in the southern outskirts of Yukuhashi.
Billboard on the southern outskirts of Yukuhashi.