Photo exhibition in Hamburg.

Design of poster © Tim Reuscher 2019.

Right now still very busy working on the exhibition to be shown at the nachladen (Sternstraße 17) from December 7th, 2019 to January 4th, 2020.

On display will be 12 b&w risograph prints of Christmas trees after Christmas. At the exhibition’s opening around six o’clock, my brother Frank will read from a text he wrote for the catalogue accompanying our exhibition.

The catalogue is now available in the online shop of the nachladen.

Watch this space for more information to be added later.

The nachladen in Sternstraße 17.
Tim changing an ink drum on the Risograph printer.

reflex 05

Reflex 05 is here, with photos from (mostly) Hamburg, Strande and Kiel. And its not just here, now its also there:

I decided to make the new issues of reflex available to the general public in the “nachladen“, Hamburg’s hot spot for self-published magazines and art printing. Drop by if you are in the area and have a look, they have heaps of nice prints and magazines by local artists well worth a visit.