Hammer and Pickle — Dill with it V

Poster © Tim Reuscher.

Nachdem ich die letzte Gruppenausstellung von Gurkenkunst (Oktober 2020) verpasst hatte, bin ich dieses Mal wieder dabei:

Vom 03.09.–30.09.2022 zeigt Tim Reuscher im nachladen in der Sternstraße 17 die Gurkenkust junger lokaler und auswärtiger Kunstschaffender. Eröffnung war am Samstag, 03.09., 14:00h–19:00h.

Immer für eine Überraschung gut, schaut unbedingt rein!

Tim mit Tee
Ansicht I
Ansicht II
Strafplanet Erde : Epiphanie I
Strafplanet Erde : Epiphanie II
Anna Ley : Samen Fetzer
Yolanda Kleine : Inflation
Hugo Espacio : New Technologies in Pickle Manufacture (A4, Tusche auf 200g/m² Papier)
Hanni-Isabell Barfuss, Elisabeth K feat. Holi Buddywood : Karfreitag
Biljana Tomic : Lucky Gurki Tarot Card
Bernd Spyra : Gurkomotive
Schwall : Palimpsest II
Sternstunden des Kapitalismus : Kappa – unlimited edition & Kappa – limited edition (Siebdruck auf biobaumwollenem T-Shirt + Minizine)
Dada Reinhardt : Das Wunder der Gurkbad Caverns
Dada Reinhardt : Das einsame und abgefuckte Leben im
illegalen Gurkenabbau
Dada Reinhardt : Väterchen Gurkenkopf
Zechnik Himmelfaart : La Gurk et sa troupe
Eiko : ohne Titel
Matter Messer : Dirt McGurk
Mia Löb : Gurkenkunst und Gurkenkünstler
Zines von Mia Löb und Matter Messer
Laura Martin : All the Pickles for 1 Woman
Objekte und Zines
Anja : Gurkeln I & Gurkeln II
Intelligenzbolzen : Dillo
Cooperfrau Melissengeist : Gurkengeist
Anna Fight : Tamponichons

Deutschland geht es gut. Schau mal wieder rein!

Veröffentlichung eines Fotozines und Ausstellung im nachladen, (Hamburg, Sternstraße 17) im Dezember 2020.

Die Ausstellung im Fenster des nachladens.
Eines der ausgestellten Fotos.

Wie geht es uns denn heute? Schaut mal wieder rein in den nachladen und findet es heraus, denn seit dieser Woche gibt es dort mein Fotozine (Design von Tim Reuscher, mit Text von meinem Bruder Frank) und eine Corona-feste Ausstellungsinstallation im Fenster. Beide zeigen Fotos die draußen in Hamburg zwischen 2018 und 2020 entstanden sind.

Das Heft. Entworfen von Tim.
Die sechs Fotos im Fenster und der Ausstellungstitel werden von hinten angeleuchtet und strahlen. Ebenfalls entworfen von Tim.

Einzelne Drucke können im nachladen erstanden werden, das Heft sowohl dort als auch im Onlinestore.


reflex 08, showing the new cover design/process.

Alongside other tectonic shifts happening around the world at the moment, reflex is now produced differently, i.e. using the services of Norderstedt’s Books on Demand GmbH. This is in lieu of printing my photos with a laser printer and binding them by hand into little booklets, which is how it worked until now.

While many appreciated the handmade quality of the old booklets, perhaps their shape somewhat distracted from the content of the photos. If some part of my process could be considered to be handcraft it would be the development of the films. More important, the recent arrival of our baby made it necessary to decide how to allot the sparse time available for photo work. Long story short: handstitching booklets did not make the cut.

(The back issues will continue to be available as handmade booklets from the nachladen.)

As usual, reflex 08 is available from the glorious nachladen as of now.

Lost in Lactation

“Breastfeeding in progress!!” Sign on door of maternity ward.

Long time no see:

On February 28, I arrived in Yukuhashi, the hometown of my wife, where she wanted to give birth to our first child. As intended, this happened not long after my arrival and since then both her and the baby are doing fine.

We planned to return to Hamburg in the middle of May, but now it looks like our return has been postponed indefinitely, due to the recent worldwide unpleasantness related to the Coronavirus. This leaves us stranded in Yukuhashi, a small (dare I say rural?) town on the southwestern shore of the Japanese Inland Sea, in the vicinity of the metropolitan area of Kitakyushu. Even though the baby naturally takes up most of our energy (which we gladly give to him), still plenty of opportunities to record the peculiarities of local life with my camera present themselves almost on a daily basis.

The northern city limit of Yukuhashi, looking south.

Since as usual my tool of choice is a 35mm film camera, it will take some time for anyone to see the photos taken here. They are forthcoming though.

Shells of film cartridges after development.

Meanwhile in Hamburg: Various issues of my photo magazine “reflex” are now available through the online store of the Nachladen, as are many other publications by local artists from Hamburg. Please check it out.

Over Dill – Dill with it III

Gruppenausstellung von Gurkenkunst im nachladen.

11.01. – 25.01.2020 in der Sternstraße 17.


Photo exhibition in Hamburg.

Design of poster © Tim Reuscher 2019.

Exhibition shown at the nachladen (Sternstraße 17), December 7th, 2019 to January 4th, 2020.

On display were 12 b&w risograph prints of Christmas trees after Christmas. At the exhibition’s opening around six o’clock, my brother Frank read from a text he wrote for the catalogue accompanying our exhibition.

The catalogue is available in the online shop of the nachladen.

The nachladen in Sternstraße 17.
Tim changing an ink drum on the Risograph printer.
Unusual window decorations.
Tim selling magazines made by people like you and me.
View 1
View 2
The epicenter.

A few views of the exhibition in the nachladen.

reflex 05

Reflex 05 is here, with photos from (mostly) Hamburg, Strande and Kiel. And its not just here, now its also there:

I decided to make the new issues of reflex available to the general public in the “nachladen“, Hamburg’s hot spot for self-published magazines and art printing. Drop by if you are in the area and have a look, they have heaps of nice prints and magazines by local artists well worth a visit.